Monday, May 10, 2010

A night at the circus

I don't have a card to share this morning, but I thought I would share some pics of my son in the first grade circus on Thursday.  He had so much fun and I think he made such a cute clown.
Here he is posing with the props.

Here they are singing Be Our Guest.

He was a tumbelino.  He is the one on top with his arms up in the air.

Here he is sitting on the bench with his class waiting for the circus to begin.

It was a fun night.  He was so excited to be doing it.  I can't wait to watch it again when we get the DVD.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the show.



Kathy Czygan said...

Hi Rhonda! What adorable circus pics! Your son is so cute! You can tell that he's enjoying being part of the show! Good memories. I was reading your blog on Mother's Day. Just as I was starting to reply, my kids started coming through the door for a visit, so I thought I'd wait til later....Well you know how that goes. Later never comes. I did think about you all day. My prayers are with your family. I'm so glad your little girl is cancer free! I can't imagine what you've gone through!! Both of your little girlies are so cute! I hope your 6 year old had a wonderful birthday, and that you had a blessed Mother's Day!

Elizabeth P said...

He´s very cute Rhonda!!! These photos remember me that my son was a clown at the school when he was 4 years old ;)

Whimcees said...


Your son is so sweet! I love the costume! You have a lovely family! :<)

I have left you an award on my blog today. Congratulations!

Barbara Diane