Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Visit With Brandon Mull

Last night I had some fun with my kids. We grabbed our copies of Fablehaven (books 1-4) and headed over to the local Jr. High for literacy night. Our speaker for the evening was Brandon Mull, author of Fablehaven, the Candy Shop War and Pingo. It was a fun evening and the kids were excited we were able to go. He was so nice and loves to talk.

We were able to get all 4 of our books signed while we were there and visit with him one on one. He even took a minute to pose for a pic with the kids.

I love reading and like events like this that reinforce it for the kids. It was a fun evening.
I did get some more projects done over the past couple of days, but will save them for another post. Even more ideas churning around in my head, so stay tuned for more fun.

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Joani McDonald said...

How cool! I've always instilled that in my DD ~ reading is important. The problem is now she hurry's me to finish a book so she can read it.

What a great evening. Something you should scrap about Ü