Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun with the Scouts

Good morning!!  I hope you're all having a good week.  It's been hectic here with doctor appointments, sick kids and trying to keep up on my blog.  Whew.  Hopefully things will be slowing down after tomorrow.

The other night I was asked to help out with the scouts.  They thought since Father's Day is coming on Sunday and I'm a card maker, I could help them make cards for their dads.  Easy enough right?  Wow, it was a mess.  Paper everywhere and 5 boys asking for my help all at once, but I survived and they all get their cards made. Yay!

Here are some samples of what the boys made...

I looked around the internet trying to find some ideas and found a couple of tutorials for origami shirts and ties.  The first two were the easiest and the bottom one was fun.  The boys were so impressed with the finished results.

Here's where I found the instructions for the bottom card except I used a piece of ribbon for the tie.

Here is where I found the tutorial for the top two.  For these I made the shirts separate and didn't cut down the front of the cs at the shirt top.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day.



Whimcees said...


Once again I am so late in visiting your blog! You have so many wonderful creations that I need to check out - so off I go!

Your boy scouts did a great job on their cards for Dad!


Barbara Diane

Tracy said...

Hi Rhonda
loving the cards...brilliant!!!
got in touch with blogger thanks and it is..fingers crossed workking on here and the followers are showing up so fingers crossed!!
Look forward to the blog hop next week with rebecca.
Hope your wee ones are better soon.
love and hugs

Alice said...

very cool and unique! fabulous Father's Day cards!