Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun with the kids

Hello!  I took the day off from crafting yesterday and had some fun with the kids.  We went up to the local Rail Road Museum and had fun learning some of the area history and looking at the trains.  The kids also got a chance for a couple of rides on their little train they take around the property.  It was the first day they had run the train this season.  Woohoo!

Here are some of the fun pics...

This is one of the big engines we were able to look at.  We even climbed up inside to look around.

Here they are peeking out from the caboose.

Since the trains were mainly used for mining and taking the miners to the mines, they have a little simulated mine there on the property.

The kids are getting on the train while the driver is telling them the rules.

Here is a scale model of one of the mining facilities.

I thought this was fun.  It's a mine bike.  It rides on the RR tracks.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.  Have a great day.



Teresa Arsenault said...

How interesting, especially that mine bike. I've never seen anything like it.

Whimcees said...

Hi Rhonday,

Beautiful children! It looks like you had a wonderful time together!


Barbara Diane